It is a matter of great pride that The Geekay World School stood out in excellence for the CIE-GCE/O Level Tamil Examination –May-June Series 2016. Cambridge International Examination (CIE) conducts GCE/O Level Tamil Examinations every year in May-June 2016 series and for the year 2016, 75% of TGWS’ students of Grade 10 IGCSE received the meritorious A* and A Grade from CIE which is a notable achievement for the school. VarshaVenkates, Adithya Potti Suresh, Jawahar Bose Gajendiravan and PavaiVendanGanesan brought in laurels to the school Vishal Harish and Dinesh Kumar Karunakaran have immediately followed with B and C Grade respectively. This commendable accomplishment earned them the International Certificate of Education (ICE) qualification from Cambridge International Examinations.